Our team of dedicated experts specializes in website legitimacy research. Whether you’re an individual or a business, we have the expertise and a commitment to protecting your online investments.


Scammers are everywhere, and countless fake websites make deceptive profit claims. Protect your investments with our services. Ensure your safety in the digital landscape.


With scammers on the rise, our website authenticity checks are your shield against fraudulent claims. Rely on our insights to secure your investments.


In a world filled with scams, our crypto investigation services empower you to invest safely. We conduct thorough research to guide your cryptocurrency investments.


Guard your investments against scammers lurking on the web. We're here to keep you safe from online fraud and ensure you make informed choices.


Scammers are relentless, but so are we in safeguarding your investments. Our research and reporting keep you out of the reach of online scams and ensure your financial security.


Protect your financial interests from the ever-present threat of scammers. We specialize in secure online transactions and authenticate websites, ensuring your online safety.


Online Scam Detection Service

Why SnoopHunter Investigative Reports Matter: In an online landscape teeming with deception, our investigative reports, part of our Online Scam Detection Service, stand as your shield against scammers and Ponzi schemes. Many fall prey to enticing promises of quick, high-profit returns, only to realize the devastating truth too late. Cryptocurrency investments, in particular, pose significant risks, with little to no recourse once your funds are lost. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Americans lost a staggering $8.8 billion to scams in 2022 alone.

SnoopHunter, proudly based in Virginia, USA, operates as independent cybercriminal investigators with years of experience. We are your local safeguard against online fraud.

This is where we come in. SnoopHunter’s seasoned specialists, armed with years of experience, serve as your first line of defense. Before you take any action or make any investment, trust our experts to thoroughly vet online platforms. They possess the knowledge and insight needed to identify the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

For just $300 ($199), secure your financial future with SnoopHunter’s Online Scam Detection Service.

Rest assured, our services come with a clear and customer-friendly refund policy in case your circumstances change. Don’t become another statistic. Ensure your investments are safeguarded against the ever-present danger of online scams.



Moh Jorjandi

With 15 years of experience in the relentless fight against cybercriminals. Moh has dedicated his career to unraveling the intricate web of online scams and fraud. With a track record of delivering insightful intelligence reports, he’s your trusted ally in the ongoing battle to protect individuals and businesses from digital threats.

In an era where financial transactions and investments increasingly take place online, safeguarding your assets and hard-earned money is paramount. The internet is a breeding ground for high-profit promises, especially in the realm of cryptocurrency. It’s crucial to understand that once you’ve lost money in the digital space, especially in the world of cryptocurrency, the chances of recovering it are slim to none. Scammers are pervasive, and they wield powerful tactics to deceive even the most vigilant individuals. They can pose as seemingly legitimate and trustworthy companies, making it incredibly difficult to discern their true nature. It’s here that our specialists step in, armed with years of experience and a deep-rooted history of fighting against these digital threats. They possess the expertise and insights necessary to identify scams, ensuring that you make informed decisions and don’t fall prey to empty promises. Trust in our specialists, as they are your shield against the ever-present danger of online scams and the key to preserving your financial well-being.

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Thanks to Snoophunter's investigative report, I made a well-informed decision when investing in Laxsson. It helped me avoid potential risks and secure a successful investment. Snoophunter is a trustworthy partner for any investor.


Laxsson investor

Receiving an email about the cryptocurrency project ‘SuccessFactory’ raised my interest in a high-profit opportunity. To ensure it was legitimate, I turned to Snoophunter for their investigative service. Their report revealed that SuccessFactory was not what it seemed, saving me from a potential investment disaster. I’m grateful for Snoophunter’s expertise and diligence, which helped me make a wise decision.


Gloria Inc., VP


I received a message from a friend encouraging me to invest in a company, but something didn't sit right. I decided to seek help from Snoophunter for an investigative report. Despite my friend's encouragement, their report revealed that the project was a Ponzi scheme, potentially saving me from a significant loss. I can't express my gratitude enough for their thorough and timely work. Snoophunter's report was a lifeline, and it's clear that they are experts in what they do. Thanks to them, I steered clear of a financial disaster. Snoophunter is a reliable guardian of your financial well-being!


dadman CEO

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